My Creative Writing

I’ve been a writer more or less ever since I figured out how to hold a pen. One of my favourite branches of writing has, since the very beginning, been creative writing. I finished the draft of my first full-length novel when I was 16, and since then I have produced one or two novels every year. Only one novel has been sent to publishers so far, but after some more editing, my hope is that all of them will have their time in the spotlight eventually.

Here’s a breakdown of them all:


Colin’s flatmate forces him to come along to a pizza party. Colin accidentally picks the wrong party, and finds himself in a flat behind a yellow door, full of peculiar people with peculiar powers. When he returns the next day, the flat and its yellow door is nowhere to be seen, as if it never existed in the first place. Until it appears again, two years later, in his living room.

(current project, not yet finished)

Read an excerpt from the story HERE:


YA romance novel, set in New York City against the fantastical element of the afterlife, and what it would mean if all we’d been told about it was real.

Read an excerpt from the story HERE [Swedish]


Dystopian rom-com, about a secret agency whose mission is to fulfill wishes in a desert town without hope, and what happens when someone finally wishes for their world to be saved.

Read an excerpt from the story HERE.


YA romance novel, about a boy called Hugo, who makes a new friend in his polar opposite, his new neighbour Austin, and what happens when Austin’s past suddenly returns to haunt them both.

Read an excerpt from the story HERE.


Steampunk novel about Alice, who one day discovers her dull hometown is hiding a parallell steampowered world only she can see – a world which is haunted by a time travelling monster, and in dire need of her help.

Read an excerpt from the story HERE [Swedish]


YA-fantasy, about a motley crew of lost people sharing a North London house, and how their entire world is turned upside down when they see a mysterious bright light from the abandoned house across the street, that seems to have something to do with a collection of old London myths.

Read an excerpt from the story HERE.


The story of  John Merrick, who, twenty years of age, becomes a best-selling author overnight. Suffering from writer’s block and a broken heart, he moves to a sleepy village in Scotland. His peace and quiet will not be long lived, though, as it soon turns out someone, obsessed with his books, seems to be stalking him.


Set in the mid-1900’s, the story is about the legend known as The Golden Ones – Leah Jones, and the peculiar, almost supernatural bond she had with her horse, Althea. A bond which would both help them change their entire world, but would also be their end.